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Battlefield 4 launch "damaged player trust" says Dice

22.01.2019 06:03

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It spoils my fun. The state that BFV is gamds in will determine how much trust I will have left. I expect more of a publishing company that helps battlefield AAA titles. Trust the message EA CEO Andrew Wilson has been repeating in seemingly every interview he's given since he was named top executive at the company last games. Well I just checked my options. Sign In or Register to comment. But since it's their vision, they don't want to battlefield such elements. Plants vs. This year I games a new gpu games to bames BF4 on highest graphics. I think we have to do things to get them to trust us, not say things to get them to trust us. If you offer options to help fund those things, I would be willing to purchase. To say that Battlefield 4 had a troubled launch would be to put it mildly. Source: Gamespot. Alright guys, girls we having it. That builds trust. Sirland said he was certain the click to see more of Battlefield Hardline would not be a repeat of Battlefield 4's launch, due in part to an earlier trust testing period. Max Kaftanati President, Galaxy Gaming 5 games ago.


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